Unbelievable The Obesity Woman Who Used To Weigh Over 1000 Pounds but now she so slim.

Many people are very surprise whenever they see a woman who used to weigh over 1000 pounds. She suffered from a severe sickness which had her accumulate over 1000 pounds.


At her peak she was 1035 pounds, she would lay in bed all day and very long time because she was so big and she so sad because she can not go to anywhere even she want to go to meet her lover. We are really pity her so much. She didnt have the strength or ability to move around that make her family pity her and upset because of her.

She spent most of her days sad and depressed due to the fact that she was unable to do almost anything. She went to jail at one point for drug offenses. However, since she was so big she couldnt be transported. So the jail came to her life because she can not go to anywhere.

She needed assistance like this everyday just to TRY to live a normal life, she had trainers and technicians helping her. Many people pray for her and tell her try to live in happy life because they believe that one days she will be lose her weight.









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