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A Man Try to Design a Doll to be his Wife.

Internet gamers head down after hearing a man’s fluid every day hugging a Doll female after known his wife to be dead, his wife died a long time ago.

Le Van, 62, lives in Ha Lam, Thang Binh, Quang Nam province, Vietnam. No one knew in the backdrop that there was nothing in the back, knowing that at all times, Le Van was always hugging and taking care of that doll until they were told that Le Van was crazy.

Le Van said that before wrapping the paper over his body, he cuddled his own wife, but because of the bodies of the deceased, his children asked to bury one day, he decided to take his wife home, and make a pencil wrapped on top and coexist with such people.

The man said that while he was caring for his wife to cover the sculpture, even the children did not know until one day, suspiciously, they used a knife to pierce inside and see the bones of the mother, but still could not forbid his father to have sex with the body. After the mysterious thing in the dormitory, neighbors knew that the neighbors had moved to their homes and dared not live near Le Van’s house.


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