Wow !!! The Longest Glass Bridge in the World | News

Wow !!! The Longest Glass Bridge in the World

“CNN” shows the longest glass bridge in Hebei province, northeastern China, with a length of 488 meters, 218 meters high.

The bridge released a new technology, making it possible to swing, causing fear and excitement to tourists. The bridge connecting two boulders can visit the “Hong Kong Couple” landscape, which is about 4 meters wide. Use 1,077 glass panels and 4cm centimeters.

The bridge was launched on December 24, 2017, breaking the record as the longest transparent glass bridge in the world by competition. The “Zhangiajie Grand Canyon” bridge in Hunan, but the bridge is still the tallest bridges in the world, with a height of 300 meters. Meter. In addition, in Hebei Province there is a dramatic mountain hiking path.




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