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A Couple Ascaris infected in their feet

Some broods were found in the feet of two Canadian wives after he traveled to the coast of the Dominican Republic.

The 25-year-old and his girlfriend, Katy, 22, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, returned to their country on January 18 after they had the same itch. It starts from mild to severe itchy rash, and then goes up in the same way, and the pain is caused by the two of you stripping sandals in the desert as usual, but do not expect that he’ll have a prescription.

Zeror posted his picture on the social network Facebook about his left leg, which was quick to evolve after invading the invaders. He went to see a doctor and they described his vacation to the Dominican Republic by walking on the Punta Cana Pankakana.

The parasite is a parasite that lives in dogs, cats and other wildlife, according to a specialist on the parasite. Of course, they do not expect that they can integrate into human skin by humming themselves in the sand.

Doctors have confirmed that the species, as mentioned above, will be used on the sand so that the parasites fall into the sand, and then they become rescued and then accidentally trampled on them.








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