Police catch 12 gay cut hair and advice them to became strong man. | News

Police catch 12 gay cut hair and advice them to became strong man.

Police in northern Indonesia recently shocked the Internet users around the world after seeing their campaign arresting the LGBT community and making this ridiculous …


Aceh police chief Ahmad Untung Surianata said 12 gay transgender women were detained after they raided five beauty salons at the same time. January 28, 2017. Surianata added that his officers had shaved their heads and forced them to dress in their underwear. This is the “training” of the “transgender” transgender woman of the provincial police.

“We will keep them in three days during that period, they have to stop crying until they are able to do it,” the BBC quoted police as saying. So far, all of them have become normal men. “This is part of a campaign to hinder people in the affluent community Same gender (homosexual and homosexuality) Be Transsexual) from making exposure Carmel next to the people of Indonesia.

Police started cracking down after receiving reports of high school males being deceived by women in the shop. Police also reported drug use in the area. Surianata denied that the campaign was a crackdown on homosexual communities.

The Aceh province in northwestern Indonesia is the only area to implement Sharia law in the country. In May 1977, two young men were beaten to more than 80 cases of sexual harassment for same-sex couples. They were arrested when neighbors called and stormed home to take pictures.

Tunggal Pawestri, a human rights activist in Indonesia, said it was true that police violated the human rights of transgender women who were arrested in the operation. January 28. “I feel scared about the health and mental health of the arrested person,” she said. In January, Indonesian politicians began discussing the penal code, which reiterated the order that unmarried people and sex were considered Illegal.






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