The Doctors In Delivery Room Witness Mother's Historic Birth | News

The Doctors In Delivery Room Witness Mother’s Historic Birth

Babies are God’s blessing to a couple! one couple in the Czech Republic has a lot to be thankful for as they welcomed 5 new babies into the world!

Alexandra and Antonin are sweet couple already had one child and were so excited when they learned a new addition was and especially they soon found out that this new addition was actually twins, and since both parents had a history of twins in their families , However they were overjoyed to learn they would be carrying.

A few months later Doctors revealed some surprising news… the couple was actually expecting 4 babies! just a month after that a shocking ultrasound discovered there was a 5th baby in there!

“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,”Alexandra said. The chances of the 23-year-old conceiving them naturally were one in seven million. And, Alexandra planned to breastfeed.


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