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A Baby Girl Develops a Rare Disorder That Her Face Like This…….

One of the girls had a rare condition, causing her face and head to be abnormal and was mocked by people as “aliens.”

Three-year-old Ryley Nazario, whose mother is Vanessa Nazario, 39, and his 43-year-old father, Jose, currently employed as a vice president of technology. Vanessa, the baby’s mother, said:

“A few weeks ago, a boy ran to me and said,” My daughter, Ryley, looks like an alien, making me very upset. I asked them if anyone else called him (the boy) how the outside world felt. I told the boy that Ryley was like a normal person. “

Ryley had a rare condition called “Pfeiffer Syndrome”, causing her skeletal abnormalities and an average of one in every 150,000 babies. The condition makes her breathing difficult to breathe until the help of a medical tube is placed under her neck.

By the age of three, Ryley has undergone surgery for more than 10 times so far and is expected to undergo surgery one more step when she reaches the age of five. The next surgery will be held at a pediatrician in Philadelphia, USA, to correct her facial features and improve breathing, without having to rely on a medical tube anymore.


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