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Jack Ma tells his son when studying don’t take grade A because of a surprising reason……

Jack Ma, a billionaire net worth of US $ 40.8 billion, gave his son-in-law advice on education. At the annual World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the founder of Alibaba shares his own experience.

They never get the same education. “I was born in a very poor family. I did not get good education and I did not take the exam because of any reason, I do not know. ” Ma said so.

According to the same Chinese billionaire, he said, “I told my son that you do not need to be a student. Top 3 in the classroom because the middle is good and as long as your score is not too bad. Only these people have enough free time to learn other skills.

” “I think if the Chinese economy wants to grow, it needs a lot of small and medium companies, Need more entrepreneurs with value and expertise. ” However, Ma urged the crowd at the meeting, “We can not teach kids to compete with machines that are smarter than humans. But we have to teach our children something new or unique. To do this 30 years after the child will have a chance. “






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