A Man Finding a Big Fish to Sell, But Nobody buy that Fish because………

A Filipino fisherman caught a huge fish, weighing 200 kilograms, and caught him in the back of the coastline of Calibua, Philippines, according to a foreign media report.

He brought the fish to sell, but as he stood beside the fish, he noticed a mark on the fish’s stomach, no one dared to buy the fish, because of fear that the fish had scratched those who dared to buy the fish at a very cheap price, so he refused.

He was so angry that he spent a lot of money to catch the fish and pick it up on the ground. He hoped to sell it for a price, but he thought it was wrong. He decides not to sell the fish, he decides to cut down on the fish, he cuts off the fish, and suddenly he and those around him are shocked to see something in the fish’s belly.

What is it? It’s hard to believe that the mark on the abdomen comes from inside the fish’s stomach, a large, lucrative gold bar, and he decides not to sell it if he sells it, probably a big loss.

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