China had Produced new generation of S.e.x Dolls | News

China had Produced new generation of S.e.x Dolls

China: Creating s.e.x dolls to cure human relationships from generation to generation seems to be growing and incredible.

In fact, according to China’s official newspapers, China is now producing a new generation of word-of-mouth tattoos, can sing homework like washing the internet and using WiFi devices.

The new generation of tattoos are named Xiaodie and sold for $ 4,000. A representative of the cartoonist added, “The doll can listen to sounds and language that people say or control if we say the word they have set out in the cartoon, and you can use this doll as a guest, a medical assistant and a helper. The cartoonist claims that the new generation of tattoos will be a unique drug to cure millions of people.












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