Dangerously Obese Woman Loses 400 Pounds But She try to get Slim. | News

Dangerously Obese Woman Loses 400 Pounds But She try to get Slim.

However for the day we watch as the number on the scales creeps higher a lot of time but as opposed to lower. Which is understandable when you consider that the modern day human’s life is ruled by fast food.

In this fast-paced world a balanced diet is often unattainable, so we make do with microwavable meals and a token piece of fruit. and especially although we surprise ourselves with a homemade creation, but ultimately we are governed by our desire to spend less time cooking and more time eating.

We tell ourselves that this approach to food is okay, as long as we don’t over indulge and balloon in weight. We comfort ourselves with the fact that we are not considered clinically ‘fat’ and thus one more chocolate biscuit won’t hurt.

We pity those who are morbidly overweight and question how they could possibly have got so such a grotesque size. However, the fact is that those who are shockingly overweight are just like you and me. One day they were looking at pictures of dangerously overweight people with bewilderment, the next they were that person.


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