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Sweet Couple that Look So Funny

The couple around the world are different, some couple is very sweet although they are in different body, skin, short or tall, thin or fat but no the reason for their love.

they just love each other without thinking about other people or don’t care about other people. Love is self-interested. I’m not talking about material, loving someone because you need something from them or any other form of interest.

If you love someone because it makes you feel good. There is a feeling. You get something from this feeling And there’s nothing wrong with that. If that person loves you back it’s a win.

What would it mean for love to be selfless? It would mean that a husband tells his wife “You don’t attract or interest me, but for your sake, because you love me, I will marry you”. I think even people who argue that love is unconditional can see something wrong with that statement.












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