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The People Found the Boat that it is so many year ago.

Find the classic boat !!! One in the Angkor area is during the reign of Jayavarman VII The ancient boat found at the sand dike site is located in the village of Reang Reach, Leang Dai commune, Angkor Thom district, Siem Reap province, and was temporarily stored by the Apsara Authority.

At Angkor Wat, on April 8, dates back to 1207 in Jayavarman VII. This surprising result was felt by national and international experts expressing appreciation and support for the first rare ancient boat encounter. The oldest is in the Angkor area.

Professor Azedine Bechaouch said that this age is due to the results of the New Zealand Laboratory analysis by the carbon science system. 14, which is accurate and accurate, and has a global accreditation.

In the form of a concrete form, the old boat, which is buried in the depth of 7 meters, is a kind of crafted boat from Koki. The entire length is 12.83 meters. The relics are formerly the Stung Treng River, which is connected to the Siem Reap River, which flows into the district of Pursat, according to Sok Sothav, Deputy Director of the Apsara Authority.

That the results obtained are important data and highly appreciated by the public and researchers for a better understanding of the Khmer Empire. Especially in Jay Chey Jayavarman 7. The APSARA National Authority will discuss with national and international experts how to find ways for the public as well as national and international tourists to visit and Get more details about this ancient boat.

The Apsara Authority will consider the venue for exhibitions at a separate new museum or existing museum, such as the Norodom Sihanouk- Angkor and traditional Asian textiles, or alternate carvings for tourists to visit the ancient boats, visit various exhibitions in Those museums. In addition, it should be convenient, as well as safety and good security work to preserve the original shape of the boat for a long time. A heritage of the nation’s heritage.



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