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Principles of Management of a baby with Wheeze

1. Diagnose wheeze and assess the degree of metabolism distress 2. Treat wheeze if kid shows signs of metabolism distress or if this can be a repeated episode of unhealthy. 3. Treat underlying illness (asthma, pneumonia, and bronchiolitis). Diagnose wheeze and assess degree of metabolism distress Clinical Sign of unhealthy . The wheeze sound = primarily breath (heard with the ... Read More »


Accidental or intentional or poisoning with medication or chemicals (insecticides, methanol…) is kind of common. If you’ve got a patient wherever there’s a history or a suspicion of accidental or intentional poisoning, arrange to verify. . What substance was taken . What proportion was taken . Once it had been taken Always suspect intoxication or poisoning just in case of ... Read More »

Febrile Convulsions (Children six months to five years)

(Very rare with adult) Definition – febrile convulsions square measure common in youngsters six months to five years. – The convulsion is sometimes short and generalized. The kid might sleep following the convulsion, however are going to be arousal and there aren’t any localized medical specialty signs. Note: Strict definition of febrile convulsion: . No encephalopathy in past history . ... Read More »

COMA AND CONVULSIONS – Adults and pediatrics

COMA Coma may be a state of unarguable quality. Coma will be caused by: 1. Inadequate gas provide from impaired cerebral blood flow or metastasis failure 2. Infections . Sophisticated infectious disease . Inflammation . Cerebral protozoa infection 3. Metabolic disorders . hypoglycemia . Hyperglycemia . Azotemia (renal failure) . Exaggerated ammonia (liver failure) 4. Poisoning with opiates and different ... Read More »

Care of Low Birth Weight and/ or pre-term Infants

Low birth weight babies are : . Low birth weight as a result of their born pre-term ( a pair of weeks and point baby > one week. Associated signs +/- Signs of haematolysis (pallor, abnormally, hypertrophy, hemoglobinuria or anasarca) +/- Signs of severe infections . Stools discoloration Investigations . Check hematocrit or Hb . Check protozoa infection smear if ... Read More »

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