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The People Found the Boat that it is so many year ago.

Find the classic boat !!! One in the Angkor area is during the reign of Jayavarman VII The ancient boat found at the sand dike site is located in the village of Reang Reach, Leang Dai commune, Angkor Thom district, Siem Reap province, and was temporarily stored by the Apsara Authority. At Angkor Wat, on April 8, dates back to ... Read More »

Amazing, True love has found a lovely couple buried under the flames of more than 2,000 years …

This week scientists have found two skeleton bodies hugged during a natural disaster erupted two thousand years ago in the city of Pompeii, an ancient Roman city, both near the city of Naples, Italy. After taking the bones and teeth to the test, the victims were 18-year-olds and 20-year-old. according to Thesun, and Dailymail also reported that they were not ... Read More »

Care children from wolves

As far back as 700 B.D., people have talked about children being cared for by wolves. Romulus and Remus, the legendary twin founders of Rome, were purported to have been cared for by wolves. According to legend, Mars fathered the two boys. As a result, a relative of their mother imprisoned her and ordered that the boys be drowned in ... Read More »

The French initiated the project but sold their rights to the United State

In 1920, after some thirty-nine years of problems with disease, high costs, and politics, the Panama Canal was officially opened, finally linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by allowing ships to pass through the fifty-mile canal zone instead of traveling some seven thousand miles around complete the trip through the canal and costs and average of fifteen thousand dollars, one ... Read More »


In an effort to produce the largest, fastest, and most luxurious ship afloat, the British built the S.S. Titanic. It was so superior to anything else on the seas that it was subbed “unsinkable.” So sure of this were the owners that they provided only twenty lifeboats and rafts, less than one half the number needed for the 2,227 passengers ... Read More »

Napoleon Bonaparte King

Napoleon Bonaparte’s ambition to control all the area around the Mediterranean Sea led him and his French soldiers to Egypt. After losing a naval battle, they were forced to remain there for three years. In 1799. While constructing a fort, a soldier discovered a piece of stele (a stone pillar bearing an inscription) known as the Rosetta stone, in commemoration ... Read More »

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