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Weird News

Amazing Creative Photography

Nowadays, the technical of photograph is very modern and popular. Also people around the world they like taking photos all around the world by amazing creative photograph. So now i want to show you top 15 photos that look amazing creative. 1. I love my clock. 2. Shadow style. 3. Style on the beach for sweet couple. 4. My friend can ... Read More »

Your Future Boyfriend.

When you are adult, you always making love to each other everywhere around the world. Sometimes you always dream about your future boyfriend and you want to see his face. We sit down and ask ourselves various questions such as, “Are we loved?” Do I love him/her? Am in love and last but not the least, “What is the definition ... Read More »

Animals Loses Home To Keep Their Tigers and Lions

He keep contact with marquette every single day he get hand feed them this is why that’s so different towards he, so he can do a lot more things with these cats of what most people can even do with their dog I’ve lost my home I’ve lost everthing the main thing that kept me waking up every morning all ... Read More »

Top 10 Animals Funny Photos.

Animals the most funniest photos in the world make you laugh and reduce stress. So we should take care animals over the world and tell your baby to know about animal’s name. Pleas visit photos below. 1. I’m spider. 2. I’m spider horse. 3. Why you lie me? 4.Oh my god why big like this.. 5. when i go for ... Read More »

Top 12 funniest jokes.

Top 12 funny photos it make that is amusing or ridiculous, especially because of being ludicrously inadequate or a sham; a thing, situation, or person laughed at rather than taken seriously. a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline. Please visit photos below. 1. Movie and real lift 2. When your ... Read More »

Before you take photos, you should look it carefully before you post on social network.

All people around the world, nowadays they favorite to take photos all everywhere and every times without be careful background. Sometime they like take photos in toilet, eating, sleeping, sometime alone with the beautiful viewer and go for a walk take with beautiful background. But they take photos without look at behind, so please look at all funny photos below ... Read More »

The Giant 8 Months Year Old Baby Weighs 38Ibs.

photo by: Barcraft TV At only eight months old, Chahat Kumar. Weighs a staggering thirty eight pounds, double the burden of a standard kid of her age. Chahat Kumar’s mother unhappy that once she was born, she was like traditional youngsters. When four months we tend to completed that her weight was increasing. So her father aforesaid that she gets ... Read More »

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