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This Grandfather Took His P.e.n.i.s to Pull The Car.

An Indian man uses his penis easily and easily to pull the car on a Hindu holiday religious festival. The Hindu festival, a 45-day festival of indigenous people in Sangam Ganges, Yamuna And Saraswati. The festival has a lot of people joining and they pray to God for their peace. On the other hand, a man named Sadhus did something ... Read More »

Really surprise, a woman before wedding her friend test virgin

On the day of her wedding, crowds gathered to congratulate the bride. Organizing fun to celebrate the wedding of the bride and groom on a great day has become a popular practice that many young people have backed up. However, now the applause becomes transformed beyond the limits under the sign of happiness. Accordingly, the bride is wearing bright red ... Read More »

A Little Boy become a film Star but so pity he has Cancer.

The audience may remember the presence of celebrities in the three Thai festivals, Bella Ranee, Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak, and Janie Tienphosuwan, who were almost irritated by the audience, when they were filming the movie. Aside from the main characters in this movie, it has been observed that in the near-end, there appeared a lovely little boy, Jay Chand and Pong ... Read More »

A Country Reports 77 Cases of Poisonous Food and 17 People Deaths

A country experienced 77 food poisoning cases which caused 2,214 people to become ill 17 others, while the Asean nations are facing huge food contamination problems. According to Xinhua News Agency, While it has been spending a lot of money on importing vegetables as well as many kinds of fruits from abroad, especially China and Thailand because of the people ... Read More »

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