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A man has a very long P.e.n.i.s over his knees

A Mexican man believed to have the world’s longest p.e.n.i.s had officially declared his disability a record. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera and he’s 54 years old. From northern Saltillo, has an 18.9-inch penis. He has refused to tell the government reduce his penis size. He said, “I can not wear clothes like other people in the company and can not knelt. ... Read More »

The villager caught a huge snake … So Terrible

It was an event that surprised the audience in the social networking site. They saw a frightening picture, with many people sharing a huge pyramid image, though there is no clear evidence of that snake’s size. But the size of the body is that it can swallow large wolves, or even people it can swallow too. that snake look so ... Read More »

The Fishermen Found a Giant Fish In the Arabian Sea

Many people go to see the giant fish and they try to help a fisherman to take that giant fish from the sea. Do you know? The Pakistani Fishermen Found a 40-Foot Whale Shark In the Arabian Sea. That is why the sea is incredible and terrifying. Pakistani fishermen reeled in this giant whale shark. reporting about that the 40-foot ... Read More »

The Awesome Christmas Design On The Boob Look So Funny

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and moreover cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. on christmas day all people always try to design many beautiful picture at there house or try to make up to be cute or more beautiful, and especially they ... Read More »

Best Funny Pet Faces images

Pets is very lovely and close up with us, they try to play with us all the time. One of the best things about having man’s best friend as a pet is their amazingly expressive faces. Sometimes, our pets try to use their precious faces to get out of trouble. Other times, they just like to play tricks on our ... Read More »

So Pity Grandma Look Very Thin Because No One Take Care Her

The oldest mother have 10 children, but her son or daughter don’t look after her when she get old and no food eat enough. We really pity grandma so much and when you look at these pictures we see that grandma’s skin is skinny. Which children leave their mother to think that their children, mothers, mothers, grandma always miss her ... Read More »

OMG! An Airplane was Attack by Many Bird. (Has Video)

A plane was attack by many bird, that is very dangerous and immediately that airplane forced an emergency landing. The incident happened at China, according to sources have confirmed that no victims since the film just flew up, but only slightly Suddenly there was a herd of cattle eagle flew the aircraft while flying and flying birds also came down ... Read More »

A Man Live in The Forest Since 2 Years Old to 43 years

Recently, a foreign website has published a funny story about a human who met a 43 year-old man who lived in the woods, dressed like a forested tree named Hoov Langle who lived in the forest since he was 2 years old until nowadays. he always eating meat wild animals, vegetables, fruit. In 2013, villagers were spotted and brought to ... Read More »

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