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Dotors Worry A Little Woman During Pregnancy

A Little Women who want children, but doctors worry it not good for her health. Chinese woman named Wei Chulan she was unusually small body, but she want to have a baby. but she could not escape when giving birth. After her husband Wei Chulan, So the medical examination at a hospital in China, it’s not a problem for them. ... Read More »

A Man Pregnant Had Massive Tumor Removed

Doctors worry a man so much and all the doctor try to removed a giant tumor from the stomach of a man, that man live in Chengdu, China. The man identified as Zhang from Leshan city, Sichuan Province, He so upset everyday to lived with a giant tumor in his abdomen for nearly ten miserable years. and also his family ... Read More »

The Best Creative and Look So Funny

Nowadays there are a lot of thing that creative by human and it look so awesome and sometime that thing look so funny too. Many peoples always try to create the most popular thing for all customers that make they like it so much and they want to buy it too. And sometime they create that thing just want all ... Read More »

Beautiful Babies That Look Like Cute Dolls

Photo Source : MetDaan Kids like playing doll very much, because doll can make all the child have feeling happy, funny and laughing whenever they play with doll. Playing doll is a child’s primary job, and a beneficial one at that. Dolls, in general have been playing both the role of entertaining children for a long history, as well as, ... Read More »

Side Effect Of Putting Smart Phone in Your Pockets

Do you always keep your smartphone in pocket? That is very dangerous to keep smartphones near your body. In general the men often put their mobile phones in pants. For women always put a cellphone in a bra. It can be a lot easier for people, but there are many reasons why you need to think about the place of ... Read More »

Newborn Baby Look Like 80 Year Old Boy. (Video)

In the south western at the part of Magura, a surprising thing after a baby was born his face look like a 80 year old boy, a rare condition that caused the baby to become aging wrinkled and full of wrinkles in his eyes. In fact, in a video released on Tuesday, as one doctor said, “This baby seems to ... Read More »

The Giant Snake Accident During Pregnancy. Has VIDEO

Anaconda is the giant snake that can eat many animals easily and it is very cruel snake. But the unbelievable it does not have venom like another snake, and also it can bite and swallowing its enemy easily such as cow elephant sheep cat dog…etc. Anaconda is the reptiles and it can live on the ground water and it always ... Read More »

Fire North Temple Pagoda, Beisi Ta China, Suzhou

Recently the tallest temple in Asia, which dates back to the Ming Dynasty, was devastated by flash floods and also build with beautiful wood at China. It is very regrettable if any property has been damaged by fires, especially the heritage heritage that has existed since ancient times. A Chinese source reported an unexpected incident that the tallest towers in ... Read More »

Funny Pictures: Hilarious Photos, Images

Funny photos that make you laughing ….. In around the world there are many thing that happed so funny and also that event make us unbelievable too. so now i would like to show you about the top funny picture that make you wanna laugh and have feeling happy after you so all this picture.           ... Read More »

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