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A Good Dog Try to Save a Baby

Dog has violated quiet and normal day in Campinas when it suddenly appeared from behind the garbage cans. You will be shocked to know what was it carring in its jaws during that time were speechless when they saw the terrible discovery of this dog. So the a newborn baby was in the dog’s mouth and look so terrible, It ... Read More »

The Reason You Should Stay Away From Bear

Bear researchers across America have found that such bears are no more likely to attack, and may be less likely to attack, than other bears. Bears held captive by animal trainers, in zoos or kept as pets have been responsible for several attacks. Anyway there have also been unusual cases in which a person entered a bear’s cage and was ... Read More »

Feeding The Big Hen and Healthy Hen

This is a daily basic need for your chickens. Do you know? Chickens are naturally fantastic foragers and also if they are free range they will love to forage for insects and greenery. However to keep healthy chickens that will lay lots of eggs for you, you will need to provide extra food. Here you will learn what type of ... Read More »

Attacking Between Snake and Cow

Snake are very cruel animals that always attack another animal , such as cow look so pity when we saw cow was attacking by snake. Anywhere we are human should be careful from snake too. We should stay a way from it. The cow snake is a harmless snake. It will bite if attacked or cornered, but if there’s an ... Read More »

Be Careful Of Snake into the Car

report showing that nowadays we saw that many snake had always go into some people’s car. and that snake very dangerous. So we should be careful. Moreover a man driving down a highway in Georgia was startled to see an unwelcome hitchhiker and it is also very large and curious snake and cruel. Ryan McMurphy was whizzing down Interstate 86 ... Read More »

Crocodile vs Wild Boar Wildlife

Incredible drone footage has captured or the terrifying clip begins showing the murky shadow of huge salt water crocodile swimming along a coral reef with a whole entire dead pig clamped firmly in its jaws. That look very terrible and pity that pig so much. And also beast was spotted cruising along the coast of Baia with its tasty treat ... Read More »

The Reason That Monkey Crying .

Animal also has the reason to cry like human too. Human has heart and monkey also has heart , so that some monkey had cried because have something that make monkey hurt. Like the adult monkey was reportedly struck by a car on a main road at a village. Footage shows the baby animal clutching its mother’s head as locals ... Read More »

The Special Advantages Of Having a Permanent Body Tattoos

We all know that body tattoos are getting increasing trend worldwide. And with this increasing trend, thousands of people are started to have permanent body tattoo onto their skin. And also with the increasing popularity of tattoo, thousands of tattoo parlours are inaugurated in order to serve the people with the effective tattoo services. Nowadays many people like tattoos on ... Read More »

Benefits of Fishing For Kids On Holiday

Appreciation of Nature. How often do kids these days get out in the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors? Not often enough, I think we can all agree! So grab your boots, put on some sunscreen, and head outside. For a few hours in nature can help you appreciate the beauty of our great world, and it will require ... Read More »

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