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Water Ghost..

Do you used to hear the real story of water ghost? and do you believe that in the world have water ghost? now i will show you some photos of water ghost, i think that may you’re almost unbelievable that in this world have water ghost. this is the water ghost looks like a human, the history of water ghost ... Read More »

Build Super Strength muscle, Men’s Health.

do you know? many girl love a strong man because if her sweetheart is a strong man so she think that he can take care her and can do everything for her. So the energy and power is very important for all man in over the world, if his body has full of power or energy so he can do ... Read More »


It is called Pralepaka Jwara in Ayurveda. It occurs either in septic poisoning, tuberculosis or any chromnic illness. Symptomps: The temperature will come down at night and generally ranges from 102 to 104 Fahrenheit. The patient may have profuse sweating with weakness after fever. This is due to the vitiation of vata and pitta. Treatment: Vasata Malati Rasa (100 mg) ... Read More »


It is called Kala Jwara in Ayurveda and Black Disease in Assam. It is also known by different names like Dum-Dum fever, Black Fever and visceral leishmaniasis. It also occurs in Sudan and Africa, due to the bite of the sand fly Philebotomus argentipes. Signs and Symptoms: The onset of fever will be irregular, with anaemia and enlargement of the ... Read More »

Black Water Fever

It is called Kalamasha Jwara in Ayurveda. A patient suffering from this disease will pass Hemoglobin in the urine. Hemoglobin is present in RBC (Red Blood Corpuscles). After it breaks it will be reutilized for the formation of RBC. There will be a reddish tinge to the urine. It occurs in India, Central Africa and other tropical countries. It also ... Read More »

Wired Fish In The Deep Sea That You Want To See Because..

Wired fish in the deep sea you never see because it … In the deep sea there are a lot of wired fish, we almost unbelievable that have in the world. Some wired fish are dangerous, Some people interest on that fish because it difficult to find. So please enjoy visit photos below. 1. AXOLOTLS 2. Goblin Shark 3. ATLANTIC ... Read More »

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