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Top 25 Photos of Strange Foods That Make You Vomiting.

In the world there are many kind of foods that some people who live in different country they eat and they try to make different food recipes. some food recipe is very delicious but some food is not delicious and also it make you want to vomit when you see that foods. sometime you think that some animals maybe human ... Read More »

Top 9 place that very dangerous water in the world…

A lot of people that like trip in forest and swimming in secret place in forest, they never know 100% that place features and features on that area. So all the time your trip need to ask information people that live on that area, we can know more that place it safety or dangerous. 10 place was found that very ... Read More »

The Popular Papaya Salad In Asian

Do you used to eat Papaya Salad?   Papaya salad is the best food or best snack in Asian, some country like eating papaya salad very much because it make they have feeling fresh after they ate this foods, and especially the chef take papaya salad mix with many chili that make papaya salad more and more delicious but some ... Read More »

The Best Benefits of Potato.

Potato is the best fruit that there are many farmer like plating potato at their farm. People in around the world like eating potato very much because it is very yummy fruit and also potatoes are one of the most common and important food sources on the planet that we can take it to cook many foods recipe, such as ... Read More »

The Technique of using kaffir lime peel to prevent insect

It’s simple way to protect any bad insect that make problem when we working all the time. 1. Anti-insect substance The kaffir lime peel has substance such as: Limonene and Linalool that effect of insect’s nervous. 2. For Using We can use the kaffir lime peel to produce Anti-insect 3. How to produce – So we need to cut the ... Read More »

Best Delicious Dessert Ideas

Dessert is the best snacks that many people like to eat after lunch or dinner. a lot of people know how to cook dessert with many different dessert recipe and different style. after you eat dessert it make you have feeling fresh because it has carbohydrates that it stimulate your brain and make your body strong. if you low blood ... Read More »

Yummy Seafood Around The World..

Seafood is very popular foods around the world, and also there are many people like eating sea food to much because seafood is very yummy foods that the chef or housewife can take it to cook many food recipe and good taste. Seafood at some country is very expensive because it’s difficult to find at the sea. do you know? ... Read More »

Dangerous Crocodile attacks.

There are many kinds of dangerous animals live in wild life, some animals eat fresh meat just like crocodile, lion and tiger. Crocodile is very dangerous animals that killed another animals when across pond in the forest. We difficult to see crocodile because in the pond we just see tree and water, the crocodile was hidden in water for catching ... Read More »

3D Street Art

Credit by : Nicolaj Arndt Amazing 3D STREET ART PAINTING. It was create by profession painting art on the street, it make street look so fantastic and some time we confuse that art is real. Pavement painting, pavement drawing and sidewalk chalk art is done by artists from all over the world, such as the street painters Kurt Wenner or ... Read More »

Amazing Trees.

There are many trees that was create by professional tree maker. The tree like famous actors in movies. It very fantastic thay tree it very real like original. Now i would like to show you some photos below: 1. Frozen Elsa 2. Snow White 3. Duck 4. Droopy 5. Daisy 6. Penqueen 7.  Tree Band 8. Buzz Lightyear 9. Micky Mouse 10. ... Read More »

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