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Better Homes and Vegetable Gardens

Starting a home vegetable garden comes with many benefits – including saving you money. Vegetable garden can make you easy when you need some vegetable for cooking food. You can choice many vegetables that you want to grow at home. The way you think should know about land size that you want to grow it. It can make your land ... Read More »

The most beautiful mountain around the world.

There are lots of mountain around the world, some mountain high and small. The views of the mountain is very interesting for people go for trip on holiday. There are trees around the mountain that make more and more beauty at that place, especially we got the fresh air at there. We can choice the place that we want to ... Read More »

Lovely Cats.

Cats is very lovely that can live with people. Cats can catch mouse and also can protect us from small snake. There are many color on cat​​​​’s hairy. We can found lovely on market that we want to buy. Sometime cat steal fish when we stay away from food. I’m very angry my cat when i lost my food on ... Read More »

The Lovely Dog That Can Make Us Happy….

The dogs is very lovely, there are many kinds of dogs. The baby dog is very lovely that we wanted to bring at home. We can buy dogs on the dog shop, we can play with the dog on free time. Some dog is very clever that we can not go away from them. So now i would like to ... Read More »

Crabs Across Road on Christmas Island

There are millions crabs across the road. More than 20 kilometres of plastic barriers are in place to direct the crabs away from the island’s roads and into 31 crab underpasses – as will as a five metre-high crab bridge crossing one of the areas busiest roads, which has apparently become something of a tourist attraction in its own right. Read More »

Black chicken soup benefits

Black chicken soup is very popular in Chinese, it very good for health. Black chicken soup with goji and Chinese yam This black chicken soup with goji berries and Chinese yam is doubled boiled using a ceramic double boiling jar. If you do not have one, you can use a ceramic tureen with a cover and steam it in a ... Read More »

Asian Special Food.. Tirk Kroeung

there are many kind of foods around the world, and we can make many food recipe in different country, some foods is very delicious for you but some foods is not delicious. i think you should eat the food that has a lot vegetables because it can make you healthy and also everyday usage, a vegetable is any part of ... Read More »

Amazing Driver.

When we talk about amazing, it can be something that people difficult to do it. They can show us how to do amazing driver. Now i would to show you below: 1. Amazing Moto Driver 2. No one drive on my way.. 3. Super​​ Carrying. 4. Hedgehog Car 5. Super Man.. 6. Nothing to say.. 7. Flower for all the time.. 8. Wait ... Read More »

Creative Cars

Car is very popular aound the world and expensive. There are many company that make model of the cars. Some cars paint animals photos that make it very interesting, that car look like i would like to show you some photo belwo: 1. Dragon Vette: Original Flavor 2. Turtles​ car 3. Black Dragon Car Please visit video below: Read More »

Benefit of Fruit.

Fruit is very popular in the world, it has lots of kinds of the fruit. Some fruit sweet, sour and bitter, it was use for eat and decoration on food. Fruit can be use to make liquor and also other fruit can make wine. In the fruit has many vitamins. it has lots of benefits for you skin and body. ... Read More »

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