A Man has a Rare Disease and Many Villagers Scare Him Because …

A man with a rare disease that causes on his body, especially his skin, becomes fractured and becomes extremely frightening until his neighbor nicknamed “Bark Man”. Li Xitan, a 58-year-old Wai Hui resident of Henan province, has been suffering from the disease for nearly six decades. According to the media, he had been diagnosed with the condition since the 1950s, ... Read More »

Strangely !! Princess’s “cremation” is too tattooed even when scientists agree to bring back….

Twenty-five years ago, the bodies of the dynasty’s royal mummies were buried in the snow for 2,500 years in the area. Southwest Siberia. According to the analysis of the Mamami, the princess of the Pazyryk class during his lifetime, about 100 years before the birth of Kito. This mummy is preserved in the glaciers of the Altai Valley, his remains ... Read More »

Never seen! A Crab attack a Big Bird

A crab of crumbs has been shown to be active in the operation of a large marine mammal, making scientists Scared by the turbulence of this rare, deadly attack on the Indian Ocean Chagos Island. It was said that the “Crab Crab” was raised on a tree and made a salvo attack on the bird in the nest. It used ... Read More »

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