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The Famous Heart Shape On Woman’s Boob because…..

Nowadays is very popular about how to make heart shape at woman’s boob, many woman try to do it and think that it is so funny and then they post in social network, but some people said that it is not good if they do like this.   China is a creative country that’s never tired of bizarre body challenges. ... Read More »

A Farmer Traps a Mouse But He aw an Alien (Video)

Very surprise after a Mexican farmer handed over a strange beast caught in his rats hidden in a corn farm near his home. If you look at the appearance of this strange creature, it looks like half the reptile and almost half human. When the farmer went to his corn farm as he grew up, he found something stuck with ... Read More »

A Man has a Rare Disease and Many Villagers Scare Him Because …

A man with a rare disease that causes on his body, especially his skin, becomes fractured and becomes extremely frightening until his neighbor nicknamed “Bark Man”. Li Xitan, a 58-year-old Wai Hui resident of Henan province, has been suffering from the disease for nearly six decades. According to the media, he had been diagnosed with the condition since the 1950s, ... Read More »

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