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Strangely !! Princess’s “cremation” is too tattooed even when scientists agree to bring back….

Twenty-five years ago, the bodies of the dynasty’s royal mummies were buried in the snow for 2,500 years in the area. Southwest Siberia. According to the analysis of the Mamami, the princess of the Pazyryk class during his lifetime, about 100 years before the birth of Kito. This mummy is preserved in the glaciers of the Altai Valley, his remains ... Read More »

Never seen! A Crab attack a Big Bird

A crab of crumbs has been shown to be active in the operation of a large marine mammal, making scientists Scared by the turbulence of this rare, deadly attack on the Indian Ocean Chagos Island. It was said that the “Crab Crab” was raised on a tree and made a salvo attack on the bird in the nest. It used ... Read More »

Acute Disease Because Of Bacteria Infection

There are other types of bacteria that live with it in the intestines, the skin, and elsewhere. In general, they do not cause diarrhea, but in some cases it can cause problems such as impetigo. Bacterial bacterial (impetigo) infections are the infection of the skin due to bacteria called staphylococcus aureus. These bacteria can enter our skin to make the ... Read More »

The Story of Selling Drug Woman Because…….

Go to primary school for a year and then sell drugs for her drug store. She has a stable job and a stable salary. Because you want to hire someone to trust you should tell him. “She has a stable job and a stable salary. Because you want to hire someone to trust you should tell him. Listening to the ... Read More »

On The Day His Wife Terrible of he Snake.

Looking at the paper, Mr. Wang could not hold back tears knowing the truth. My wife is in the hospital. Taking advantage of her grandmother is looking, Tung rushed home to take a bath, eat. The evening rushed to his wife did not do anything, now he has been unbearable. Washed finish feeling in the mouth much better, Tung prepared ... Read More »

So Pity The Cow Fire Burned

This painful scene makes many people pain so much. On a Thai news site published an article about a cow was burned, haunted scene. These images quickly received the attention of many. The scene of the cow lying on his knees in the cage, the fire burned, the intestines all out pain, mercy. The image of the poor cow was ... Read More »

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